Sunday, July 17, 2011

Evening Tide 28x30

We have had wonderful evening tides here in the last few weeks. When the strong receding tide pull starts before the incoming waves are through with their show it sets up some dramatic confrontations. When this battle can be found slightly back lit by the setting sun; it is truly a gift to the shore painters. I noticed this dynamic over several days ; and recorded what I could in some pencil drawings....followed by a few six by eight oil studies. Put it all together in the studio.
Happily for me, the studio is a block from the waves; so I could go back frequently to check up on my memory. I've found that when I try to wrestle a large canvas and all my gear to the scene; that I spend more time wrangling the set up than painting. Drawings and little studies work better. This painting is for sale thru the artists studio. Contact at 949-395-2139.