Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bad Decisions, 9 x 12 study

I was at the beach painting with my good painter buddy Terry Raey couple of Sundays ago. Yep, Sunday Painters. The surf had been ho hum all day; so we really weren't watching the surfers for painting starts. Then the waves changed to Killer in the flash of an eye. I looked up just in time to see this poor guy ponder his bad decision (not paying attention to the waves while sitting in the break). He was there for only a few seconds; but enough of an impression to get the painting started. The waves just kept coming after that. Surfer popped up and went to the beach to ponder his choices in life. While waves and surf are moving models; they are usually consistent and predictable. Not always.always. This study sells thru this blog for $185.00
unframed. SOLD